Versace perfumes are known as a diverse product line in terms of design, fragrance and price. Between so many different kinds, it is very difficult to choose the perfume that suits you. So, we would like to introduce to you 15 Best Versace perfume for woman from the experts and majority of customers.

Versace is one of the most famous fashion brands on the world market today. Launched the first beauty product in 1978, the brand has made a powerful mark enough to impress consumers. Today, Versace is not only well known in the field of fashion but also the “big brand” in the perfume trade.

Ultimate Guide to Top 15 Best Versace Perfume for Women

PictureNameLongevity (hour)Best season to usePriceCustomer reviews
VERSACE Yellow Diamond Intense Eau De Parfum7 - 12Day, Night, Spring, Summer,Fall$$4.3
Versace Bright Crystal Absolu Eau de Perfume Spray7 - 12Day, Night, Spring, Summer$$4.4
Versace Yellow Diamond Eau De Toilette Spray 6 - 8Day, Night, Spring, Summer, Fall$$4.5
Versace Bright Crystal for Women, Eau De Toilette Spray6 - 8Day, Night, Spring, Summer, Fall$$4.4
Versace Woman By Gianni Versace For Women. Eau De Parfum Spray6 - 8Day, Night, Spring, Summer, Fall$$4.4
Versace Eros Pour Femme Eau de Parfum Spray6 - 8Day, Night, Spring, Summer$$4.4
Versace Versense By Gianni Versace For Women Edt Spray6 - 8Day, Night, Spring, Summer$4.6
Vanitas Women Eau De Parfum Spray by Versace6 - 8Day, Night, Spring, Summer$$4.5
Versace Versus Eau De Toilette Natural Spray6 - 8Day, Night, Spring, Summer, Fall$$4.1
Versace Crystal Noir by Versace for Women7 - 12Day, Night, Fall and Winter$$4.3
Versace Oud Pour Femme Oriental Eau de Parfum Spray7 - 12Day, Night, Fall and Winter$$4.3
Versace Versus Red Jeans for Women Eau De Toilette Spray, 2.5 Ounce6 - 8Day, Night, Spring, Summer$4.6
Blonde By Gianni Versace For Women. Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4 Oz.7 - 12All Seasons$$$4.1
Versace Jeans Couture By Gianni Versace For Women7 - 12All Seasons$$4.7
White Jeans By Gianni Versace For Women. Eau De Toilette Spray 2.5 Ounces7 - 12Day, Night, Fall and Winter$$5

How to choose the right Fragrance for her

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Review Top 10 Best Versace Cologne for Women

1. Versace Bright Crystal 

Bright Crystal Versace was produced and sold widely in the market in 2006. The incredibly unexpected appearance of this Versace perfume bottle created a small stirring for perfume lovers at the time. So far, Versace Bright Crystal is still the best experts and users voted as the best perfume Versace. So why are they so popular?

Versace Bright Crystal fragrances are clearly stratified, giving users a variety of emotional levels. When spraying the first ray, the fragrance gently carries a lovely sweet look. Then, it will be the natural scent of Magnolia and Lotus. Finally, the fragrance on the body is sexy and full of charm. Smell on the skin for a long time, suitable for school, work or daily use.

Bring the scent is not too passionate, but Bright Crystal does not become boring or even “disgrace” over time. They bring feminine beauty, gentle but still exudes the most special elegance.

2. Versace Bright Crystal Absolu

Following the success of the Versace Bright Crystal, the Versace Versus 2013 Versace Bright Crystal Absolu is an upgraded, hotter, more appealing and passionate version.

With the freshness of yuzu and pomegranate mixed with magnolia, peony is the soul of the rhythm of life, sublimation along with the sweetness of the mauve, a little warmth from the essence of musk Refreshing spirit of pregnancy. Believe that this is an indispensable spice in a hot sex night, the adventure of her sexy personality.

3. Versace Eros Pour Femme

Desire to bring seduction, seductive scent of wild beauty, pure but no less seductive. Versace fashion experts did not stop researching for the Versace Eros Pour Femme perfume lineup in December 2014.

Versace eros pour femme brings to the sweet but passionate floor of pomegranate and begamot gerbera blended with the seductive fragrance of jasmine and peony, finally settling on The enchanting warmth of amber musk harmonizes with a slight, full of sensuality. With these incense floors, Versace Eros Pour Femme is especially suitable for romantic parties.

4. Versace Yellow Diamond

Versace started with the perfume fragrance, inspired by the crystals in 2004, called Crystal Noir, then Versace launched a new fragrance lightweight that is Bright In the year of 2006, Versace continued to introduce the new fragrance of luxury and freshness in its collection – “crystal transforms into diamonds” that is Yellow Diamond.

The perfume bottle is very creative and unique design with cube to create delicate luxury. This design is appreciated for its beauty that lasts with sophistication and modernity. According to Donatella Versace, “Yellow reminds us of the elements such as brightness, emotion and energy of this fragrance, which express and emphasize the seductive and feminine beauty of a woman of luxury.”

Like the sudden appearance of light, this fragrance opens with a fresh scent of yucca fruit, pear notes, a hint of bergamot and orange flower oil. The middle note is a rare gentle fragrance of orange blossom spread with the light of the male orchid, the virgin flower and the natural purity of the lilies. The late scent was added to the sensuality of the amber flavor, the timbre of Santo wood and the presence of refined musk.

The Yellow Diamond is as pure as a gem that shines brightly with aspects that only diamonds can do. Yellow Diamond is a rare beauty jewelry, it is the fresh and vibrant fragrance of the Versace brand.

5. Versace Yellow Diamond Intense

If Versace Eros Pour Femme style is a wildfire, Versace yellow diamond intense contrast the beauty of a noble and delicate. With a sophisticated design like a gem, Versace yellow diamond as a gift Versace Versace gift for the ladies pursues elegant style no less glamorous seductive.

Start with fresh, lush citrus scent, then filled with the gentle, luxurious scent of South African orchids, the delicate fragrance of mimosa flower or the elegance of floral essence. White gun. Finally, the incense layer is a sweet mixture of amber, musk and guaiac wood.

6. Versace Vanitas

In 2011, Versace launched the Vanitas fragrance for young, dynamic women. Versace chose model Lindey Wixson as the face of Vanitas in the ad campaign.

The beginning is fresh citrus lemon balm like a delicious cupcake, while tiare and orchid flowers help reinforce lemon. A light scent is very similar to the patchouli flavor to help add flavor to the level. The aroma lightens the lemon scent and balances the floral scent of lemon and lemon, creating an unparalleled fragrance in the world of perfume. The scent is fresh and at the same time very warm as soon as the scent of two districts together. The scent is guided into the warm and pleasant late notes of cedar wood.

The Vanitas perfume bottle is designed in a slim bottle with a yellow tinge and is attached with a gold-plated piece of gold that represents elegance and appeal.

Vanitas is a fragrance that represents the freshest of Versace products. White flowers are strong, but not too strong and the aroma of wood is softened. Suitable for people 16 years or older.

7. Versace Versus

In 2010, Versace introduced the Versus perfume. It was refined from the Versus 1992 perfume line. The violet bottle with the highlight is a transparent blue cap. Versus brings fresh fragrance and also very feminine.

Top notes are the explosion of sweet lemongrass, which is very pleasant and refreshing. The middle notes have a slightly bitter taste of orange blossom combined with passionate roses and Stephanotis fragrances offer a soft and polished scent. In the final notes are still a little lemon fragrance from the first incense layer mixed with patchouli passionately. At the end, the scent is somewhat similar to the gentle male fragrance, so men can use this perfume if they like.

This new version of Versus is a combination of many opposing facets, creating a lot of contrasting shades; True to the spirit of the Versace brand. Keeps romantic and strong, Punk and Melodious, feminine and masculine. Fragrances seem to be created for confident, personality and shrewd women.

8. Versace Versense

Versace’s new perfume is called Versense. This fragrance is very promising with the name of luxury and the characteristic aroma ingredients that awaken the senses. Versense was launched in 2009, the scent of natural fragrances evokes the image of nature, bringing about the freedom and balance of the hidden energy in the body and nature.

Versense is designed similar to the perfume Versace (2008) with transparent glass. It carries a chic green color and is decorated with a traditional Versace logo.

Versace Versense is a modern bouquet of flowers, combining elements of the Mediterranean into the seductive, seductive scents that make up the woman’s signature Versace style. It is a perfect summer fragrance for those who like to freshen up.

Top notes: Bergamot, Citrus, Pink Roses, Citrus, Pears.
Middle notes: lily, jasmine, cardamom, daffodils.
Base notes: Sandalwood, Virginia Cedar, Olive, Musk.

9. Versace Crystal Noir

Crystal Noir won the 10th place in the Versace perfume Best is their mysterious and seductive scent. Not to overwhelm you with the musk like other sexy fragrances, the mystery of the Crystal Noir scent is what makes this product popular.

Considered to be one of the most popular Versace perfumes, many users have confessed that it is difficult to see exactly where Crystal Noir perfumes are coming from. This perfume is a bit of a scent of musk and amber, accompanied by the mildness of a natural floral fragrance, but no less than the harshness of other rare ingredients. Sometimes they bring the aroma of pure coconut oil so that users immersed and swoon in the smell.

The sophistication of Crystal Noir is reflected in the bottle image that the manufacturer brought. The unique design of this product line has led many customers to confess that they can not resist their own prominence in the many other perfume styles. The use of large-sized smoke-shaped crystals makes the bottle cap a prominent highlight of elegance and elegance.

Top notes: Ginger, nutmeg, pepper.
Middle notes: African orange, Peony, Peony, Coconut.
Base notes: Musk, Sandalwood, Amber.

10. Versace Woman

In 2000, Versace created Versace Woman’s fragrance with light floral scent, with fruit and lavender fragrance for women. Versace Woman is created through the hands of Christine Nagel perfumer.

Top notes are a combination of mild jasmine with pure raspberries, floral scent with Bergamot notes of passionately fresh citrus to create fresh, seductive and seductive scent. The middle note is a subtle blend of plum and raspberry flavored with a fragrant lotus flower and warm Lebanese green cedar wood. The late scent is a combination of the scent of ambergris and musk with a bit of Inoki wood to create a seductive, attractive and full of charm.

The perfume bottle is designed with pink transparent glass that is as feminine as a teenager with the highlight of a brilliant yellow glowing diamond necklace that reminds us of a beautiful girl, dressed up on the set gorgeous evening gowns.

Versace Woman is a special gift that Versace perfume wants to give women who like to show off their charms, attractive and a bit mischievous, personality. If you are wondering what to choose for the romantic evening with him do not worry anymore! Versace Woman will help you shine in the crowd, your guy will certainly have to “jealous” with the eyes are moaning towards the other guys.

For women, they all want to be attractive not only in the beauty of the outside, but above all in the charm of the scent. Hopefully with the information above, we have helped you to understand more about the perfume charm from the Versace brand and ladies can add the right choice for you.


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