Only a few days to go until Valentine – day of the couple! How to stand out in a date with your boyfriend? Let’s see lipstick reference will help you become more beautiful Valentine’s night!

1. Ink # 152 Choquant Chanel Allure

Top Red Lipsticks For Valentine's Day 2017Owning crimson enchanting, cream Chanel Allure lipstick Ink # 152 makes a lot of sisters passionately. Crimson of Chanel Allure lipstick Ink # 152 extremely striking, captivating mystery nasty little face makes people attracted to a most natural way. No fussy skin, lip color matching sexy makeup style, loving. To help lips stand out more, she should have a perfect foundation layer and keep the rest of the face, especially the eyes gently and simple.

Red lips will become more prominent with the perfect background layer and gentle eyes makeup

2. Chanel Rouge Allure Vetvel # 38 La Fascinante

Exterior design extremely chic and class

Chanel Rouge Allure Vetvet # 38 La Fascinante with luxurious design with cans and black lip shells alternating yellow, looks very chic. Opening this lipstick is also quite special: just press the bottom lip and let go, lipstick will turn out. Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick Vetvet # 38 meet 2 criteria of a good lipstick: rich lipstick lips care and precision, not faded, not particularly new foam and cause no greasy feel or peeling. This lipstick is never out of fashion for women, dark red color of Chanel Rouge Allure passionate Vetvet # 38 will bring you looks chic, glamorous, aristocratic. Just choose a suitable dress, she will have a romantic night with the guy!

A sexy crimson lips will help you become more attractive in the dating

3. Dior Rouge # 999 Vedette Celebrity Red

This is the original red lipstick, go down in history with the Dior brand selling legendary speed. The reason why Dior Rouge # 999 Vedette Celebrity Red become craze for women because this lipstick is suitable for all skin colors, costumes and all the time, outstanding adhesion and color and vivid colors Dior Rouge # 999 was introduced as containing extracted from sea fennel plant with the ability to stimulate cell regeneration and hyaluronic acid helps lips look fuller, smoother keep lips moist not dry.

4. Lip Color Tom Ford Velvet Matte Cherry

Can not fail to mention the queen of the red: red wine tone. With luxurious, classic, gold-plated lines extremely luxurious square, red bordeaux tone for Lip Color Tom Matte Velvet Cherry. TThis lip color is very suitable for girls who color from medium to light skin and extremely respected for she has white skin. Velvet Matte Lip Color For Tom Cherry is also the secret weapon of her personality, because this deep red color always strongly impress the guys!

Do not forget to add an accent to the eyes, and the eyebrows

5. YSL Rouge Pur Couture  The Mats # 204 Rouge Scandal

Add a choice for women for Valentine’s night. If the red tones of Tom Matte Color Lip Velvet Cherry For downs, the YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Mats Rouge Scandal # 204 bit is the choice for you. Not only are half of the world’s favorite plum red lipstick very distinct and hard-perfect quality, YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Mats Rouge Scandal # 204 is also adored by color on the lips retention time was listed in the ” lipstick elite “with color on the lips clung time or 8 hours per use. YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Mats Rouge Scandal # 204 will bring you the luxury enchanting seductive, powerful modernity shown on each line of your lips. A perfect

Lipstick brings elegance enchanting charm, the strong modern lines shown on each of the lips
Lipstick brings elegance enchanting charm, the strong modern lines shown on each of the lips