How to use wormwood for health and beauty?


Wormwood also known as Artemisia chlorophyll, the scientific name Artemisia vulgaris L. belongs to the daisy. worWwood  is available year round, this is vegetables very easy to find.

We explore the use of vegetable unexpected beauty for skin

tip use Wormwood

Wound healing in the skin

In the wormwood vegetables with active ingredients promote blood circulation throughout the body, improving the metabolism, helping the skin well nourished, the skin wounds heal and rapid healing.

Use the wormwood leaves are tender boiled thoroughly, then take the thin fabric filter drain, so on the bottle, in the refrigerator until use. Every evening, after cleansing, absorbent towel covering the wormwood on the face, especially the bad skin, air dry towel after a few minutes, remove the towel rinse with clean water.

Clean your face

In the wormwood with tannin, which prevents the appearance of birthmarks (eczema), small blisters and some other dermatitis. At the same time, work with wormwood resolution fat, can eliminate the scum stick on the skin. So that kind of wormwood is very good skin cleanser, especially for those with oily skin types.

tip use Wormwood

Moisturizing the skin

Wormwood hybrid has both moisturizing effect, it also works very well for those with dry skin.

Get wormwood, drinking water heating techniques and grandchildren do not use sugar. Or can back into the bottle for mixing dry gradually as drinking tea makers. Do not use too much, every day should be mixed a handful and drink about 200 ml of water with wormwood. With wormwood tea is very good for the body.


If you are experiencing problems related to acne, use fresh wormwood, pound, apply on face and leave for 20 minutes then rinse with cool water, with wormwood mask 1-2 times /week steadily over a period of time will give you smooth skin, and no longer pink white acne.

Pimples treatment

The case of pruritus, jaundice, .. pound fresh with wormwood leaves, apply on face, for about 20 minutes, then wash face, do you constantly going smooth skin and white roses.


– For pregnant women should not drink with wormwood with great frequency because it will affect the health of yourself and your baby.

– People with hepatitis should not eat with wormwood, because when it goes into the liver substance will cause metabolic disturbances of the cell and lead to acute hepatitis.

– People with intestinal disorders should shun vegetables lest moxibuxtion difficult to control disease and a worse day.

– People with kidney stones, atherosclerosis, coronary … to eat eggs.

– The pregnant in the first 3 months of pregnancy to avoid eating too much because the moxa can miscarriage, premature birth, or increased risk of bleeding.

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