Ways to protect your health and body in winter


Usually, it’s the winter time when we finally start thinking about our health. Nothing surprising. Insidious viruses waiting in every corner, terrible weather, always feeling cold – all those factors affect our body so that we get sick all the time. It’s time you should ask yourself how to boost your immune system and protect your health and body in general during the winter time? Specialists have their answers prepared.

Taking Care of Health during Winter

The decrease in immunity depends mainly on three factors: lack of physical activity, nutrition, and stress. To restore and strengthen the immune system, you need work on each of those three. The immune health basic guidelines always share the most essentials tips that help protect the overall immune system.


Taking Care of Health during Winter

And now, let’s go over 5 most effective health tips avoid getting sick this winter:

1. Switch to a healthy diet. The way you eat can tell a lot about your immune system and how protected it is. Having a variety of greens, raw vegetables or fruits in your ration can provide with all kinds of vitamins necessary to maintain good health. Don’t forget about products containing omega-3 fatty acids (fish or plant oils, seeds). According to recent studies, consuming omega-3 fatty acids protects you from inflammation, protect the skin and has a positive effect on mental health.

2. Be active and do exercises. Doesn’t matter if you are doing regular sports, go to the gym or simply workout at home – any sort of physical activity helps better the blood circulation and assists in fighting viruses much more effective. Plus, exercises lower a winter stress.

3. Fight stress. Stress can harm you any season of the year, but in winter you are especially vulnerable. Learn how to cope and manage stress before it completely weakens your health.

4. Have a good sleep. Sleep is the basics of everything. Follow a sleeping regime, which means try to go to bed and wake up at the same on a regular basis. Deal with insomnia if you suffer from one.

5. Keep your hands clean. Wash them before eating and use hand sanitizers after touching shared surfaces.

6. Stay warm! There’s no point to say how important it is to keep yourself warm when it’s always cold. Dress appropriately.

7. Take vitamins supplements. Oftentimes, vitamins contained in our food are not enough to protect ourselves during a severe winter. Taking vitamins as pills can fill a shortage of those vitamins that we are supposed to get with food but we really don’t.

Helping your body

• Nails

Nails in winter are prone to brittleness, dullness and delamination. So, if you want your nails to grow and remain healthy and beautiful, don’t forget about the need for nutrition and conditioning of a cuticle. For example, your hand cream should be enriched with avocado oil, allantoin (which has a lot of benefits), vitamins A and E that contribute to a healthy nail growth. Herewith, it is necessary to have medical and restorative coverings in the arsenal.

Helping your bodyIn addition to professional nail care tools, pay attention to your diet. To strengthen the nails, choose foods containing selenium, silicon, sulfur. Selenium contains in olives, eggs, algae, garlic. Silicon can be found in bananas, salads and parsley, currant, green beans. Sulfur – in cheese, eggs and meat, fish, peas, green beans, oatmeal.

• Hair

Hair protection during your winter, start small. First, minimize the influence of hot temperatures on hair – avoid over-drying by washing it in warm or even cool water by not drying it with a hot hairdryer. Second, purchase a natural wood massage hairbrush – massage improves blood circulation. Third, consume all kinds of vitamins (especially, A, C, E, B).

To protect your hair in winter, try to limit smoked, salty, spicy, fatty foods and sweets in your ration. Forth, wear a hat, just at least for your hair protection. But don’t forget to let your hair breath, so don’t be lazy to take your hat off inside during a day. Finally, wash your head with special shampoos designed for winter hair care and suitable for your own hair type. And make sure you apply conditioning balm on your hair after washing.

• Skin

Take care of your skin because in winter it is especially vulnerable. Moisturizing is the key to a healthy skin during this season. Use a protective nourishing face cream during the day a moisturizing face cream at night. By the way, never apply a moisturizing face cream right before you go out or else you risk catching a frostbite. For women it’s important to find a good foundation that has SPF 20. Winter can make your skin dry not only on the face or hands but also the skin all over your body. Thus, use skin lotion to moisturize it every now and then.

• Gaining Weight

It’s no secret people gain weight in winter because the body needs calories to warm itself up and because we lack physical activity. In order to kip yourself fit, first of all, don’t lock yourself at home – go out for walks and stay active. Oftentimes, we keep eating because we are bored or have nothing to do during long evenings in front of TV or computer.

The solution is trying to occupy yourself with some interesting activities. Exercising can be one of them, whether it’s gym, dancing classes or just morning walks with a dog. Next, follow your nutrition diet and count calories so that you can always see where to stop. Finally, try to have meals at a certain time each day so that your body knows when to activate its digestive system.

Taking care of your health and body doesn’t mean a lot of efforts. It’s just a matter of good habits.


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