What causes premature white hair ?


First of all, we need to explore briefly the development process of the formation of hair and hair color.

The life cycle of a hair through the steps: development, regression and rest. Development stage lasts about 3-6 years; at this stage hair grow faster, every 3 days, about 1 mm long. Stage regression is the intermediate step before the hair into the resting phase, lasting 2 to 3 weeks from this period hair no longer grows any further. After 1 to 3 months resting, hair new hair will be pushed out of shape scalp. Hair fell out when we combing, shampooing the hair is in this resting phase. The life cycle of a hair affect the concentration of the color of it.

What causes premature white hair ?

Hair itself has no color. Hair color that we usually refer to as black, brown, yellow… because the cells that make substances with color, in specialized cells known as colored pigments and substances (pigment) is called melanin. The pigment cells scattered in the skin, particularly in the hair follicle (where hair grows out), these cells are more concentrated. When pigment is produced will be contained in the bags before emptying into the keratinocytes formed when strands of hair (or fur) grows, which makes the hair color.

What hair color mean? The study showed that hair color does not have much effect in protecting the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, but this protection is largely dependent on the thickness of hair and skin pigmentation.

Today, hair color play a major psychological – it is often considered a manifestation of the reproductive health status and capabilities of each. Hair color creates sex appeal, such people often see men like girls with black hair (in Asia) or blond (in Europe). It was found in monkeys, these leaders, elders are considered, the group is those with silver hair and fur. This is partly true in humans. Grey hair can be seen as a sign of wisdom. However, is there a different way of thinking, and somewhat more common: gray hair is a sign of aging and reduced fertility. This is the reason many people dye their hair to hide the old biologically – if they are really old or to the opposite not to misrepresent their age – if they were white hair unfortunately early .

When the amount of silver hair melanin is produced in hair follicles decreased. In older people, the life cycle becomes shorter hair. Hair loss as early as pigment cells work less. The time yarn silver hair usually begins in the late 20s and often hard to recognize, but this time each person is different, depends mainly on genetic factors. Hair is considered the earliest silver occurs before age 30 in people in Asia, or 50% of white hair before age 50.

Genetic factors crucial for the timing and speed of gray hair. This is also a factor we can not be changed. Time we start silver hair is closely related to the time of their parents and grandparents we started graying.

So, basically, you can not change the status of your white hair. However, emotional factors, psychological stress is also proven more or less related to the degree of gray hair. Or emotional worry, pessimism, insomnia increases the speed of gray hair. Therefore you should create a healthy lifestyle really emotional, this is also helpful for patients that you are taking. Smoking also causes early gray hair 4 times a non-smoker, perhaps because nicotine in cigarettes causes blood vessels to restrict follicle blood supply and oxygen to the hair follicles.

The lack of a nutrient that causes gray hair is usually very rare in normal people, which mostly occurs in people with genetic defects leading to abnormal metabolism in the body, or in the undernourished heavy maintenance. Examples for this case is the nature Phenylketonuria diabetes by genetic abnormalities, leading to not convert phenylalanine to tyrosine substance, that tyrosine is essential for skin and hair pigmentation. Malnutrition or disease Kwashiokor with protein deficiency extends to the body can not synthesize pigment. Pernicious anemia due to lack of vitamin B12 were also shown to cause gray hair.

Hair dyeing is normally applied, as seen effective immediately. However, a chemical hair dye and one study found that hair dye from a month or more times that increase the risk of bladder cancer more than 2 times. Some hair dyes increases the risk of leukemia. Therefore, you should just dye their hair these when absolutely necessary, avoid taking drugs too dark colored wash thoroughly and not left to medications on the scalp.

What causes premature white hair ?

Multiflorous knootweed

You can apply the cure for gray hair in traditional medicine early in the multiflorous knootweed . However, you should note how to apply the remedy.  Multiflorous knootweed(other name: Fallopia multiflora)  should be the red , applying the method : Soak red  multiflorous knootweedwith the rice washing water, the soft shell is peeled cells.  Multiflorous knootweed slice thinly and arranged on the basket, a layer of black beans, a layer of the multiflorous knootweed. Steaming black beans cooked until they get themultiflorous knootweed dried . The next day the new black bean supplies used, repeat 9 times, then take the multiflorous knootweed  to dry by pan and used as tea.

You should not be too worried or upset about the status of white hair soon. See you there is a proof is a member of the family, your clan. And gray hair few stalks  to prove mature.

The remedy that your doctor has given you to drink. Please note further that if you join carouse, you should to give up as high uric AICD, it was to grit kidney. Long young and healthy that you should keep a reasonable diet, get enough sleep and drink multiflorous knootweed would slow process white hair.


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