What fruit bring beauty for face skin?


When skin is dry, you should eat a variety of yellow melon. These fruits are rich in vitamin A, helps the body promote the continued development of skin cells that will reduce rough or cracked …

You can cut melon into thin slices, keeping the refrigerator 30 minutes, then covering directly to the skin for 15 minutes, then wash with cold water.

What fruit bring beauty for face skin
Thin skin

Thin skin is vulnerable. To increase resistance to the skin, you can create a skin care mask type as follows: stir with a spoon of coconut oil and butter was left crushed, then covering the skin in this mixture for 15 minutes then washed in again with warm water. This mask will make your skin less fragile and more healthy.

Equilibrium moisture for oily skin

Quality of papaya enzyme capable of slowing the process more oils on the skin and helps reduce ball, make skin bright with appropriate humidity. Make pureed ripe papaya, covering directly to the surface in 10 minutes.

Help skin relax

Boil a bunch of alang grass with half liter of cool water. Use clean towel soak , drained and squeezed in 15 minutes covering up the skin to relax. Grass effect cool and remove acne spots very effectively.

To make fit pores

Grinding is half cup of strawberries with one quarter cup cornstarch. Use this mixture to the surface covered in 15 minutes then rinse with cold water. Mask will help pores will fit again. To increase efficiency, you can use rose water to clean the skin again.


The law contains alpha hydroxyl acid, chemical compound has played an active role in removing the old skin cells. For a soft skin, you crushed 150g fresh strawberry mixed with a tablespoon of pure fresh milk and a small spoon of wheat flour. Apply this mixture on face and neck after 10 minutes, washed with cold water.

Hope tips that make your skin improve!


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