There are foods that  white teeth, but also many foods that make your teeth stains. Tea and coffee are the heavyweights “culprits” in making your teeth are not white light but do not underestimate the kind of orange juice, mineral water, white wine and cold drinks …

Tea, coffee

What kind of water make teeth stains

Drink dried tea regularly may cause stains on teeth. This is because a large amount of tannin in tea drying, to promote the creation of stains.

Coffee, although darker than, but less than the amount of tannin should not cause as much tea stain teeth.

Effective solution is to replace the tea with other beverages of less tannin such as green tea or herbal teas.

Orange juice

Drink pure orange juice every day is good for health but also cause your enamel broken over time. Acid in orange juice especially damaging when combined with dark beverages (like coffee, tea). Please lower the acid content by diluting juice with water.

What kind of water make teeth stainsMineral Water

Concentration of fluoride in mineral water is quite large. The “receiving” too much fluoride through drinking water with high fluoride concentrations can lead to the formation of white spots on teeth are more serious may be yellow, gray or black. So if you drink too much water, can “change color” the teeth.

Everyone should drink at least 1 liter / day, in which content must not exceed 300ml mineral water, the rest is pure water or boiled water.

White wine

Acidic white wine than red wine, acids help increase food intake but are adversely affecting the enamel. That means while enjoying white wine with fruit, your teeth are at risk of harm. This problem can be limited by using filtered water interspersed with food to neutralize the acid from the wine and fruit.

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