What to eat food for beautiful nails?

Just like hair or skin, nails also need a special regime of attentive care. One of the best nail care is a balanced diet. It’s nothing interesting in the food and still take care of beauty! Here I would introduce some good food for nail care.What to eat food for beautiful nails?1. Dry and brittle nails :You should eat foods rich in vitamin A (more in the liver, fish, butter, milk, eggs, spinach, papayas and sweet potatoes) and calcium (in milk and many other mollusks such as clams, snails, shrimp, crab).

2. If your nails scratched: You should eat more foods rich in protein (from meat, eggs …), vitamin C (much in the red fruit) and folate (vitamin B9) (in the liver, chicken, beans beans, spinach, green vegetables, cereals, orange, grapefruit).

3. Eating foods rich in protein if you nail emerging horizontal white lines.

4. If your nails are dry, dark and curved sweep: foods rich in vitamin B12 components (found in liver, beef, eggs, cheese, milk, kidney …) will help you.

5. Eating foods rich in zinc (many of scallops, chicken, beef)  will be remove phenomenon white nails.

6. Green leafy vegetables provide a large amount of vitamins, minerals and en-zym help nail is smooth and bright. Therefore, make sure half your food intake of green vegetables daily. Besides, drinking more water and eating fresh fruit is not only good for foundation but also for skin and body.

7. Drink plenty of water pressure carrots for a strong foundation for the carrots contain more calcium, phosphorus, which are very good for nails.


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