What your skin types?

When born, the skin of everyone achieve “standard” but then, quality and beauty of the skin depends largely on what you eat and how you care for them.

In general, the skin of each person usually in one of the following five basic types: normal, dry, oil, mixed and sensitive skin and for each one, and, again requiring a particular method of care.
To determine exactly what type of skin you, you can use a simple test is to use a soft clean paper feed to India in the morning, when you just woke up:

What kind of your skin?

1. Normal skin

If your skin type in general, the paper you put in will be nothing special, no traces of oils. Stretch your skin full of energy, very soft. Normal skin is less common to most complaints.
It is always clean, soft and good blood circulation system through the skin should always light. And though you almost never such care is still fresh look younger than age.

2. Dry skin

If the dry skin type, the paper will be very clean (like normal skin), but observers have seen the bubble scale, the skin feeling dry and whiz after washing face.
Dry skin is often gray color, more wrinkles, smaller pores and aging fast and easily irritated.
In young people, dry skin is not a big problem but to always keep your skin healthy, you need regular care with face masks covering natural or cream.

3. Oily skin

If the type of skin oil, paper plates will make the drops of oil spills on the surface, focusing more in the region chin, nose and forehead. Oily often appears glossy, thick, rough with pores expands and tends to break out of acne spots.
Interestingly aging skin is less oil and form more wrinkles. Gentle cleaning, eating less food sugar powder, avoiding all kinds of rich cream because nature will help improve the quality of skin oil.
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4. Combination skin

If the mixed skin types, this skin is more common, the oil  will focus more on the paper placed on the nose and forehead, while the chin completely clean.
Combination is a mixture of dry skin and skin oils thus need care in different parts especially on the face.
In dry areas, usually around the chin and eye need to use cream rich in nutrients, while oil in the skin nose and forehead  need constantly to keep clean, dry and airy.

5. Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is usually dry, often feel very vulnerable, whiz and inflammation or irritation or fester with featuring a red and scaly, itchy and have spots.  This skin type requires special care and sophisticated in all skin types.
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