When your skin become superfluous oil but shortage water

Skin more oil strong in T’s area but dry in the rest, and this situation more serious than the summer. What do you do?

This phenomenon is quite common, usually occurs in women of tropical region: an imbalance between oil and water on face. Structure membrane on the skin surface has two main components: oil and water, if lucky these two components of balance, you will have a smooth skin, dry place. Oil is a natural membrane protection is essential to skin dryness, combat aging and age (skin oil often speed aging more slowly than the other skin). However, if oil is too many, they are also the cause clog pores and cause skin rashes. In short, if oil than water, your skin will preferably oily, makeup quickly away and easy to pimples. If oil is low, the skin will be dry, dull color, rough rough and lacks vitality.

In summer, hot and dusty making water on the skin surface is lost no less. Did so, the temperature changes abruptly when the words in the environmental air conditioning step outside the hot sun will cause the phenomenon of heat shock – a phenomenon that the skin under abnormal changes in temperature, amount of moisture equilibrium skin surface changes dramatically, dehydration, dry skin leads to a dull color. If not quickly add water, oil will secrete more than normal. Your skin will be glossy oily, but actually is “scream” about the status of thirst of it.

What to do when skin excess oil, water shortage?

1. Drink water. It sounds boring but drinking water is the fastest and easiest way to add back the amount of water lost.

2. Note products removing and cleanser. Many people fear  dirty skin and captured dust, clinging oil should have selected the type of removing and cleanser with high cleaning, then make the effort on the skin to remove all dirt. Indeed, stimulation only causes the skin surface affected and possible oil and many more. Note do not use cleanser with big seed to also to cause similar, these particles are easy to stimulate sebaceous glands more active to offset oil lost, while some areas of the skin remains local dry set with the peeling uneven.

You should choose the type of cleanser is clearly for oily skin acne of the brands.

Should choose cleanse product that clean cosmetics and cleaning deep pores. By the skin of oil should first page will cleanse the most excessive oil in the pores, cleanse the skin surface than ice cream removing or lotion removing.

Use a cleanser wash face first again help clean the dirt that first page is not bleached out. Washing dual will help your face clean a lot more than just using the cleanser. Regional pour more oil is the T letter, so you should clean in the T first and then wash spread slowly across the face. Avoid washing the cheeks and eyes first, because so easy to dry skin 2 this section.

3. Remove dead cells: not only for oily skin, exfoliating is considered stage is indispensable to help the skin becomes fresh, layer of cell aging and the high dust cleaned and replaced with young cell. However, exfoliating dead cell  especially important with skin excess oil and water shortage, because while the skin oils easily from dust, then the skin dries aging rapidly. Can remove dead skin 2-3 times a week, if the skin less oil you can use cleansing milk with component remove dead skin.If the skin of more oil must be due to soap or cleanser special treatment. However, with case special skin irritation and ease dryness to the chemicals in the cream bleach the skin dies, you can use a simple measures: pureed potatoes with milk (fresh & pure), covering the face in 30 minutes. Layer mask will gently peeled away layers of dead skin and totally not irritate skin.

4. If skin is  excess oil seriously, we can use clear lotion (lotion against ball lubricant) to clean the T area-keep bleach died cell and clean skin again.

5. After the wash is finished, use a spray minerals help reduce irritation on the skin, providing moisture instantly softens skin.

6. How will close the pores: Oily skin usually are advised to clean the dust thoroughly and rarely is there a way that can clean better than steaming. But steam again cause of skin that expands, the pores expand, causing the skin oil (which has large pores), the more ” doleful” than. Where is the solution?

Should accept that once owned oily, you hardly have pores small smooth like normal skin. Can only be minimized by using a toner, it is also important step in the cleaning process with the aim of making the skin stronger, stretch, pores shrink and the oil discharge reduced

Note: Many products toner use high concentration to make dry skin, can be effective immediately (you feel leather pen lubricant must go) but in the long term, alcohol is not good for skin. Therefore, it is best to choose the toner does not contain alcohol, although efficiency is lower than the guaranteed safety long term.

7. The next step is to use milk moisturizer provides nutrients to the skin and helps the moisturizer to be absorbed deep in the skin without evaporating. Recommended dairy nutrition than ice cream because the cream moisturizer, easy to make skin oily and feels heavy face.

8. Sleep time. This is very important. The body has a mechanism of self-healing occurs when you are asleep. Many creams and night are clearly stated: they work great especially around 0 to 4 pm. This time, when the body relax and to sleep, the skin type of activity is quite strong with the process of self-repair. If you get in this time period, mean body fatigue, weakness, and skin can not continue to recover as usual. Implication: pores again enlarged and the skin will be imbue oil  more.


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