Why do women fat waist?


No alcohol socially as much as man but many women still suffer from waist measurement  full fat even without being overweight. Please see some a reason below and find the solution for yourself.

Why do women fat waist?

1. Heredity

Scientists divide the basic shape of women to many different types, the most common body shape  apple and pears. Unlike women with pear-shaped body with a slim waist, the body you have genetically apples are often faced with the waist are not satisfied. If you have a genetic predisposition, you should try to overcome by the exercise regularly, avoid being overweight.

2. Stress

Not only is the enemy of women’s skin, stress due to work and life was one of the leading causes causes fat waist. According to scientists, during stress, the body secretes a hormone is cortisol, the hormone that you consume more sugar than necessary and causing fat build up in the waist.

3. This period of per-menopause and menopause

Why do women fat waist?
In recent studies, scientists have said that the decline in female hormones during per-menopause and menopause is why women with abdominal fat accumulation.

4. Slow digestion

As women get older, the rate of metabolic energy, the body burns calories more difficult and slow. The amount of food you consume each day without being used up in daily life will be turned into fat and tend to be concentrated in the abdomen.

5. Late Dinner

Your dinner at 6 or 7 hours does not matter, as long as dinner time to time you went to bed about 3 hours will not cause abdominal obesity. Conversely, if eating as close to rest at night, the more you risk increasing the size of waist. If you get hungry before bedtime, drink milk without sugar, fat or eating a small banana.

Why do women fat waist?

6. Bad form

Most women are not themselves the habit of keeping your back straight when walking or sitting work. Main stooping habits in the long run makes you look bigger belly. The solution for this is set upright posture now.


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