Wrinkles and how to prevent


The cells in the top layer of skin dwindling with age, and this makes the skin looks thin. The top layer of skin is also less than the moisture, so skin will be dry. The decline of this comes with time and the skin itself does not recover.


Middle layer of skin is also affected by age. This skin is thinner and produces less collagen and cause skin to become dry and sagging. Bottom layer of the skin including mucus and cells containing these cells also become smaller with time. Probability less cell regeneration. All these factors make poor skin healing and reducing elasticity.

Cause most wrinkles are age

These changes affect our pores. Pores will be expanded when the greater age, the situation becomes worse when the appearance of dead skin cells at the bottom of the pores.

So the biggest reason is cause wrinkles of age, but no skin was wrinkled little earlier than others, why is this phenomenon? Many clinical studies showed that a number of reasons:

Smoking: The smoking, blood, oxygen and nutrients to feed the skin is reduced, affecting the ability to resist cause skin damage.

Sunlight: UV damage to skin, causing wrinkles and freckles.

Genetic: Genetic factors in deciding skin wrinkles appear sooner or later.

The movement of the face: Wrinkles may soon appear by the constant movement and repeated the face. Anger will create crease lines between the eyebrows.

Stress: Emotion of this effect is not good for the skin, especially when you often frown or frown.

When you know the cause of wrinkles, we will better prevent wrinkles, although not completely stop the wrinkling, but can extend “life” to the skin. You can apply the natural method and perform regularly every week.

Wrinkles and how to prevent

How to prevent wrinkles

Skin wrinkles by rubbing lemon juice regularly each week

– Skin wrinkles by rubbing lemon juice.

– Apply a layer of turmeric paste to the skin.

– Case crushed grapes and cover up wrinkles.

– Use olive oil directly to the skin covering.

– Use herbs as anti-wrinkle face wash with green tea.

– Apply emu oil and wrinkle treatment.

– Use of mashed banana to make masks.

– Some essential oils can reduce wrinkles as sandalwood trees, geraniums, wood pink, pink jasmine, orange flower oil and frankincense (available in cosmetics). Mix all oils with flower oils applied medication to his workshop wrinkle. You can also use cocoa butter mixed with orange flower oil to make eye wrinkle cream.

To avoid allergic reactions, before use, you dab on the upper arm, if no flush safe for the skin.


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